X6 Lava Tube back in stock




LavaTubeX6colors01 Lava tube


X6 Lava Tube 1300mAh Adjustable Voltage Vaping Battery

This durable, adjustable voltage battery has been popular, especially for those who work hard and carry their personal vaporizer with them to work. Good news for all those that have been waiting – it is back in stock!!

Many hard working neighbors, from the oil fields to military operations and more, need a battery that can take a little more than a standard eGo battery.  this is an area the X6 shines in.  When combined with a 3.5ml Clearomizer this battery will hold up if stuffed in a pocket or accidently knocked over.

As with all electronic cigarette batteries, we still need to handle it with care, it’s a finely milled electronic batter with soldering, wires, and more but the design allows this battery to simply withstand more of our daily lives.  It is one reason Gary and Shirley are using the X6 as their go-to battery of choice.  Now Gary still loves his ePipe for sitting and relaxing but “on the go this is my battery of choice right now.”

At just $28.00 you can combine it with the accessories you need to put together a custom starter kit or simply add it to your existing vaping lineup.  Come on in and see the colors and test it to see if it’s right for you!!


* Variable voltage. You can press the switch button 5 times quickly to adjust the voltage and to turn the device on and off.  The LED light indicates different voltage: red for 3.6V, purple for 3.8V and blue for 4.2V.  1300mAh means you have plenty of power to last all day and you can recharge overnight in 5 to 6 hours.