Mechanical Mods at Wood Creek Vapory

Yes, finally we are going to be launching mechanical mods VERY soon.  Friends and neighbors of Wood Creek Vapory have been asking when we’re getting mechanical mods.  These devices are popular for dripping low nicotine eJuice, producing incredible flavors and clouds of vapor.  For many it’s the flavor and for others it is the natural evolution on the hobby side of vaping.

They’re fun yet there is a lot to consider and learn when working with a totally mechanical setup and with Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDAs).  Ohms law, meters, coil wrapping, best products for dripping, battery technology, safety, safety, and did we mention safety all had to be studied.  If an RDA is used that is not properly built and measured accurately for the battery personal vaporizer (PV) setup then there are risks from over taxing a battery.

As with all the lines we carry, we did not want to introduce a mechanical mod section until we were confident we could do it right and deliver quality products at fair prices.  We’ve spent the last several months researching, studying, rebuilding, and planning for the launch as our friends and neighbors have patiently waited.  (Wood Creek Vapory would like to send a shout out thank you to two stores in San Antonio that have helped some of our customers get started right; Coval Vapes and Texas Vape Stores we appreciate your help and look forward to years of cooperative interactions as we each continue to grow.)tweezers

Our initial offerings will be entry level products and the supplies you need to build your own coils and pair them safely with the devices you are working with.  Here are a few highlights:

–          If you need the tools to work with we have them and can even assemble a well-priced DIY tool and supply kit to get you started.  Tweezers that make it easier, clippers that cut flush and clean, ohm meters for the RDA and battery, precision screwdriver sets, and more to make the build easier.

–       vapowire2830   Our wire is not only Made in the USA, it is specifically made for vaping!!  This means there are no residues that will cause chemical reactions when dripping, they’re clean and pure from Tempco.  VapoWire is the best wire we’ve found for building coils!

–          While we continue our search for high-end, quality USA made mechanical mods we did not want to wait any longer in bringing on a very nice collection of clones and RDAs.  After interacting with nearly a dozen companies we are launching with what we believe will be a nice assortment for those wanting to get started.  Here’s an idea of what we will be carrying at launch:

o    The Aqua mod and RDA make a very nice kit with the RDA very familiar for those who enjoy the Kayfun style builds.  Paired to work well together or able to use separately, this unit will sure to be a good choice for many at the $75 price point. Aqua Body and RDA


o    The CaravelaKit01black lacquer Panzer baked on for a quality finish that will last.  With air hole adjustments, 510 connection, and the telescoping flexibility for battery size, the Panzer has been a very popular mod and this clone will not disappoint at $60.

o    The Caravela kit is a nice stainless steel and gold mirror mod that comes with the extension tubes for battery size.  Many reviews show this to be an enduring design and at just $50 for the kit we can see why.

The King and the Nemesis are two designs vapers helping us learn encouraged us to carry and we’re glad they did.  They are proven designs and very solid for all day dripping enjoyment.  At the $30 price range we think many of you will agree.

o    In Red, Blue, or Black the Sentinel kit give you a very nice looking mod, battery, and charger for under $40.  Its construction and design will give long lasting pleasure for a very reasonable investment.

o   RPatriotBlk01DAs are a tough call but we’ve made some initial selections we believe you will like.  Priced in the $15 – $22 range you’re sure to find one you like.  Here’s a peek at some of the ones that will be available soon.

  •  The StMonkey01Stillare01illare   The Monkey
  •  The black Patriot    The Storm
  •  The Nimbus +  The New Trident


This is simply the beginning as even as this is being typed up we are working with other quality manufacturers and suppliers to bring in some other nice items, reasonably priced, and in demand.

Many of our talented friends and neighbors (who have been doing this a long time and are really good) will also be helping us by leading workshops and classes for those of you who want to learn the right way.  Stay-tuned for a class schedule coming soon, .  Subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on Facebook, or stop by the store to stay up-to-date on this and the other news and information from Wood Creek Vapory.




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