Should I give a nickel about temperature control vaping?

Should I give a nickel about temperature control vaping

The vaping community has grown from a close relationship between the advancement of quality, open tank vaping devices and the decline in unhealthy, burning cigarettes. Switching from smoking to vaping can lead to improved health, reduced costs, and just plain smelling better without the risk of burning a hole in clothes, carpeting, and car seats. The improved safety and health is part of the motivation driving people to crush out their stinking butts while picking up a flavorful vape.

United Kingdom’s Public Health England department just released a 111 page document, E-cigarettes: an evidence update, showing scientific evidence vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking while having no negative impact to bystanders the way second-hand smoke does. People are finally defeating or beating down an addictive habit that has caused too much damage to the body, not to mention other effects that occur when burning tobacco. For these reasons, and more, the vaping community has been enjoying a good vape while many members significantly reduce or end their use of dangerous tobacco.

Many within the vaping community are enjoying the device advancements that are taking their new hobby to higher levels of enjoyment and safety. The community has self-regulated improved quality in manufacturing of the eLiquids used in open tanks and insisted on better devices to enjoy the eLiquids, or oils, they vape. Consumer demand and supplier reaction has created a thriving cottage industry made of passionate ex-smokers who are focused on quality in all aspects of vaping simply due to living the terrible destruction cigarettes caused despite known dangers.

Today there are a number of high wattage devices driving sub-ohm tanks known for creating thicker, more satisfying vapor. Those who were avid ‘drippers,’ building their own coils and wicking them in customized fashion, the convenience of these newer tanks leaves dripping eLiquids to the hobbyist or evening relaxation time. No need for knowing Ohm’s Law as the smaller vape pens slowly begin to give way to the growth in box style devices and tanks morphing from higher to lower ohms. A device category is emerging that has many wondering, should I give a nickel about this new temperature control?

Should I give a nickel about temperature control vapingThe short answer is absolutely. Though some enjoy a hot vape all the time most vapers appear to enjoy a cooler, more flavorful vape without the burnt coil or wick taste. Coils burn wicks when the temperature reaches a point it is able to ignite dried out wicking materiel creating what is termed a dry hit. Dry hits are harsh simply due to the fact it is a burning process and this is what is proven, in many studies, to produce the dangers (though at least 95% less toxic than burning tobacco) of any toxins passed to vapers.

Temperature control avoids the dry hit by creating a dam, or ceiling, for the temperature of the coil. So far this new approach to vaping is creating a safer, more enjoyable experience. It has been limited to nickel or titanium wire due to the ease of determining and controlling the temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) based on their non-resistant nature. This is about to change with newer devices featuring Evolv’s DNA 200 chipset. TCR is defined as:

The resistance-change factor per degree Celsius of temperature change is called the temperature coefficient of resistance. This factor is represented by the Greek lower-case letter “alpha” (α). A positive coefficient for a material means that its resistance increases with an increase in temperature. (All About Circuits)

The newer devices will be able to have kanthal, ni-chrome, stainless steel, and other wires set to a maximum temperature. TC improves the ability to control dry hits and the coefficient of resistance (α – alpha) is the mathematical factor allowing us to breath in safer, cooler, and more flavorful eLiquid vapor.iStick 40w TC

Most popular tanks have nickel coils available today and there are dozens of value priced devices on the market to take advantage of controlled temperature. Once the spread of chipsets capable of
what the new DNA 200 can do, programmed correctly, any coils should be able to work through temperature control. Set it below the burn level of the wick and, even when dry, it won’t ignite, simple as that. (By the way, this is an effective way of drying off the wick when changing flavors.)

Devices featuring both temperature control and variable voltage and wattage control can be as affordable as $50 currently. Expect early DNA 200 devices to range in the $150 to $200 range in the beginning. People can customize their vaping experience in so many different aspects Evolv offers a complete training course on using the Escribe software driving the DNA 200.