Liquid Gold CBD now available to meet customer demand

Liquid Gold CBD

For the past year we have received an increasing number of requests to source and carry quality CBD oils.  After a great deal of research, careful consideration, review, and thought Wood Creek Vapory is now offering Liquid Gold.  This CBD is made from industrial hemp and is the best we have found, legal and safe in all 50 states.  Liquid Gold CBD delivers results other CBD oils promise.  When considering CBD, especially the economics, it is important the oil selected is properly tested to insure quality, consistency, and potency necessary.  Below is some good information from the manufacturer and we also have test results available at both locations to help you in reaching a choice.

Liquid Gold CBD


Healthy Hemp Oil reported, “Though cannabidiol obtained from industrial hemp is legal and considered a dietary supplement, CBD obtained from medical marijuana is not. This is because CBD from hemp contains virtually no THC…”  Each person will need to decide for themselves whether Liquid Gold is something that may be useful.  Like many supplements we choose, some will experience different effects than others.

Wood Creek Vapory encourages anyone with health related question seek the advice of your physician.  We will supply as much information as we have to help you and your doctor decide.  For most consumers the effects are simply calming or pain relieving.  It is advised driving or operating machinery is delayed a minimum of two hours after vaping Liquid Gold.  Also, it is not recommended for women who are nursing, pregnant, or planning pregnancy.

In addition to this new product in our eLiquid lineup we also are featuring many new devices and other eLiquid lines being tested and coming to you soon.  We continue to strive in becoming your one stop vape shop dedicated to helping people evolve from smoking to vaping and beyond.



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  1. LeeAnn, everything is listed on our website and menu. The LQG we carry is the 18k, legal in TX (their 24k is not). Please see the site for further details, there’s two videos explaining it, you can forward to the LQG information. Thank you!

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