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Sub-ohm kits are quickly replacing the older style vape pens that replaced the inefficient, and often unreliable and badly tasting e-cigarettes or cig-a-likes.  The sub-ohm kits are a step forward into the 4th generation of vaping devices helping smokers quit cigarettes by offering even more efficient and safer delivery.  The new devices are known as electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) or simply vaping devices.  Although our stores are stocked with many individual devices and tanks to enjoy high quality, modern vaping, the kits are a great way to either move to the new generation or begin a smoke-free journey through vaping.

One important fact is you will want to use eLiquids that contain less nicotine than vape pens.  Many of us started vaping with 1st and 2nd generation devices and typical nicotine levels were 2.4 to 1.2% (24 mg to 12 mg) per milliliter.  With the efficiency of the ENDS most people usually vape is a .6% (06 mg), while most are between a .3% and zero nicotine.  Due to increased watts and lower ohms these devices produce more vapor, requiring less nicotine than previous generations of devices.

Another slight change for those moving from the vape pens or 2nd generation tanks will be the need for greater wattage output to the coil heads, resulting in the use of more eLiquid.  This increase is a trade off most are willing to have for the lower nicotine levels.  One final note on the eLiquids; users of sub-ohm kits will want to have thicker liquids (higher VG to PG ratios).  Thinner, 50/50 blends do not work well in the sub-ohm tanks while the newer, thicker eLiquids will not perform as well in 2nd generation tanks with higher ohm coil heads.  Our eLiquid menu shows the mix of each eLiquid line Wood Creek Vapory carries.  (Link to our latest menu – click here)

These kits are not presented in any particular order of rank.  Each offers differences depending on the individual needs and goals.  Wood Creek Vapory will not only help identify the kit(s) that will work best for each person but will then allow users to try the kits before making their selection.  This approach helps ensure the final selection will deliver the best overall performance for the money invested in the systems.  Ranging in price from $45 to $80 these all deliver excellence for about what a carton of cigarettes cost smokers but it is a much better investment.  As we work through the kits there will be an introduction to the systems followed by links to additional information.  Without further ado, here are the kits (click pictures for larger views.).

7 Affordable Sub-ohm Kits

Eleaf’s iStick Pico 75w – The size and power are just the beginning.  This is among the top kits used by many of us at Wood Creek.  The Melo III tank is a top fill with adjustable air that delivers solid vaping tank after tank.  With 75 watts of power and the excellent ability to upgrade the firmware and use a wide variety of coil materiel it will be a go to kit for the foreseeable future.  (Requires an 18650 battery, sold separate.)iStick Pico

iStick Pico

iStick 60 watt TC KitEleaf’s iStick 60w TC – This takes a different approach of tank placement by centering the tank on the body.  The Melo II is a sub-ohm kitsunique side-fill tank that vapes well.  It is lightweight and though it has been on the market for nearly 9 months it continues to deliver quality vaping at an affordable price. (Requires an 18650 battery, sold separate.)


Amigo Mini Subtank KitAmigo Mini Sub-ohm 50w – No adjustments necessary with this style of 4th generation vape pen.  Delivering up to 50 watts, the unit adjust to maximize the vaping experience while maintaining an easy to carry unit.  At a 1500 mah internal battery it will give hours of vaping pleasure.  There is an alternative battery option also available from Amigo, the Vogue 50.  (Click for more details on the Vogue)


eGo One01eGo One07Joytech’s ego One – Another great option for those that like vape pen style with longer battery life and sub-ohm efficiency.  It comes in a variety of colors, features a bottom fill tank, and is known for providing a quality vaping experience.

Kanger Kit FamilyKanger is a company that’s known for offering a wide variety of quality options and when it comes to sub-ohm kits it was among the first companies in this space.  Beyond their early sub-box kits are Kanger’s three latest additions.

subvod01Kanger Subvod – A vape pen style unit with 1300 mah battery life, a top fill tank design, durability, and several color options this is a unit that continues to be a top seller within the vape pen category.

Kanger Nebox – When it comes to form and function some prefer not to have their tank ridinKanger Neboxg on the device.  Kanger’s answer is to put a 10 ml capacity tank inside the casing along with a place for an external, 18650 battery for those who want longer life for vaping, and 60 watts of power to drive whatever coil option is selected, including temperature control. (Requires an 18650 battery, sold separate.)



Kanger Topbox Mini



Kanger Topbox Mini – Based on its winning design of the popular Sub-box kits that dominated the space, the Topbox Mini gives the vaper 75 watts of power, uses an external battery, and uses the excellent subtank mini. (Requires an 18650 battery, sold separate.)








These are just some of the options we have available for friends and neighbors to consider.  The Nebox is the most expensive at $80 while the Subvod is the least expensive at $45.  The others are priced between $51 and $60.  Those requiring an external battery do not include the battery.  Batteries range from $9 to $12 and the staff can help pair up the right battery for your device.  Anyone purchasing a new kit will be given complete instructions on how to setup and use the device so when you leave you’ll be vaping away, knowing you’ve made a great choice!


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