7 of Our Rebuildable Tank Atomizers


Showcasing 7 of our rebuildable tank atomizers (RTAs) is truly a pleasure as each offers unique features designed to meet the needs of the vaping enthusiast.  In the world of vaping many strive to find a perfect vape, just right for them.  The class of atomizers, known as RTAs, feature both the ability to build your own coils like a RDA (or dripping atomizer) with the addition of a tank reservoir to avoid always having to drip liquid onto your coil.  With an RTA you control the coil based on your build and wicking while avoiding the challenges of dripping while driving, working, or being on the go.  In this brief introduction we will showcase seven of the most popular RTAs that Wood Creek Vapory currently stocks at both locations.  Each RTA can be examined up close and personal at either store.  We are going to take a quick look at the Griffin, Avocado, Moonshot, Theorum, and the Aromemizer Supreme.

Geek Vape is the company that brings us four of our models so lets begin with their Griffin and Griffin 25, then we’ll move forward with the Avocado and Avocado 24.


Griffin Griffin02



The Griffin features a velocity style deck and a nice, juice flow control so your eLiquid is delivered based on the way you vape.  It also features a top fill design, gold plated positive pole, and you can use the delrin drip tip or the 510 adapter to sport the tip of your choice.  With 3.5 ml capacity, an overall height of 58.5 mm with tip, and a 22 mm circumference this tank fits very nicely on nearly every mod on the market.




Griffin 25geekvape-griffin-rta-25-exploded-view

geekvape-griffin-rta-25-standard-parameterWith success comes demands and the one demand Geek Vape received for this (and their Avocado) was more capacity and a larger circumference to sport atop the bigger mods.  They listened and delivered.  The build deck grows to 17 mm and the juice capacity jumps up to 6.2 ml, that’s a lot of juice in a tank that still maintains the same height as the Griffin.



AvocadoAvocado easy

avocado-gold-plated-housingThe Avocado appears, initially, to be very similar to the Griffin.  The Avocado’s full name is the Avocado Genesis.  It is a style of tank that places the reservoir for eLiquid under the build deck rather than submerged in the tank, as the Griffin is.  Due to the location of the velocity style build deck this means coils need airflow and the Avocado does a great job bringing air flow from an air intake in the plug used for single coil builds.  A single coil is all that’s necessary, when built right, to produce excellent vape and, more importantly, flavor.  Pulling the plug out reveals two holes to easily refill the reservoir.  Using dual coils?  No problem, access to the fill holes are just beneath the coil.  No time to refill just now?  The Avocado and Avocado 24 allow the user to pull the top cap and directly drip on their coils, making this a truly flexible system.



Avocado 24avocado-24-rdta

Avocado easy fillTaking a cue from the Griffin line, the Avocado 24 is a larger diameter tank designed to look sharp on a bigger mod while also delivering a larger capacity, 5 ml tank.  Just like the Avocado, the 24 allows the vaper to remove the top cap and directly drip on their coils.  Due to the increase in diameter the 24 has an added a hinged swing cover on the side of the deck allowing easy filling without the need to remove the plug for filling.  Air flow, easy building, and quality performance will leave vapers very satisfied.

All the Geekvape RTAs are quality built, come in stainless steel or black, and come with all the tools and items necessary to maintain your new tank system.




moonshot_rta_by_sigelei_-_two-post_coverSigelei is a name that is better known to vapers for their excellent, high end mods and their economical FuChai lineup of mods.  Their entry in the RTA world will not disappoint Sigelei fans.  This is a very low profile tank that rides well on most any device.  With 2 ml of eLiquid the tank may need to be filled more often yet the profile and performance make it an excellent choice for many.  The deck is a little tricky at first but after a build or two it becomes much easier.  If there is any feature that sets this little beast apart, beyond top filling and massive power ability, is the flavor production.  If you want to know what an eLiquid really should taste like put it in a Moonshot and you’ll be over the moon.  Quality is something we expect from Sigelei and the Moonshot delivers, you can feel the craftsmanship.  (Click the picture for more specs)



Aromamizer Supreme

Aeromizer SupremeThe folks at Steam Crave brought us the Aromamizer and quickly listened to the vaping community, it was good but it could be better.  The Supreme Rebuildableversion delivers on the demands from the community.  Billed as a RDTA, or rebuildable dripping tank atomizer, the twist from either the Griffin or Avocado is the reservoir riding over the build deck with the eLiquid dripping onto the coils.  There is an adjustment ring to help each vaper decide, based on build and preferences, how much should drip onto their coils.  The velocity style deck insures an easy build, whether doing a single or dual coil.  With 2.5 mm juice inlet holes this will take pretty much anything you throw at it. The innovative airflow system helps prevent overheating, and the original Steam Crave liquid feed gets every drop of juice down to your build.  Your juice stays out of contact with the coils so each drop is fresh, just as if dripped from a bottle. You will be hard-pressed to get a dry hit with the Aromamizer Supreme.  (Click the picture for more specs.)





Wismec has been busy making a real name for themselves, especially the popularity of their Reuleaux mod lineup, from the DNA 200 Reuleaux to the Rebuildablemore economically priced, 200 watt cousins, the RX Reuleaux, RX Reuleaux S.  (You can see these and other great mods when you stop by to check out all our RTAs.)  The Theorem tank will sit pretty on any of the Wismec devices or any other device with a larger capacity tank area.  Due to the diameter it will not fit on many devices designed for a 22 mm circumference but there are so many options it is still an RTA to take seriously.  This is truly a collaboration, bringing JayBo, Suck My Mod, and Wismec.  It also rolls out a unique platform for the newly introduced notch coils.  Overall, this tank has enough of a unique approach it must be viewed to appreciate.  Rather than provide more written praise for this check out the video featuring the designer, JayBo.


So there you have it, a very quick look at these seven excellent options.  Come on in today and we’ll walk through each one and help you determine which will be best for your vaping style and goals.  No matter which one you select we know you’ll be vaping happily for a long time.



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