AsMODus Colossal 80w Mod

AsMODus Colossal 80w Mod

When we think of Colossal it usually brings images so large to mind we are amazed at the sheer size.  AsMODus tells us, “Don’t let the name fool you now, this mod is small yet powerful, being the most compact mod on the market capable of outputting 80 watts from the tiny frame, a feat only we could accomplish!”  Small size, powerful technology to deliver quality vaping all day, this is Colossal, indeed.

Many vaping to replace smoking are not ready to carry 200 watts of dual or triple battery powered vaping around all day.  These high-power devices may be great for the evening or special occasions, but they don’t necessarily fit in our pockets or bags as easily as this excellent device. 

Colossal advantage for durable, daily ease of use. The build quality and performance are two key factors in why Wood Creek Vapory is proud to offer, and our team is happy to show our friends and neighbors, this value priced option.  Delivering clouds of great flavor, check.  Compact size and an ability to use a variety of tanks, check. Safety features and single 18650 battery compatible, check. 

In every way this small device delivers a vaping experience for those wanting external battery control, high quality build, ease, and comfort.  To help improve your insights before coming to visit, here’s a good video review.

Product Specifications:
Dimensions: 76mm x 25mm x 40mm
Powered by the GX 80 HUT v2 chip
Requires an 18650 sized battery (not included)
Acceptable resistance range: 0.1 – 3.0 ohm
Output power range: (power mode): 5.0 – 80.0 watts
Output power range (temperature control mode): 5.0 – 60.0 watts
Maximum power output: 7.5 volts
Maximum output current: 35.0 vamps
Input voltage range: 3.2 – 4.2 volts
Working current of the display screen: 25mA
Standby working current: <350uA
Firing cut off timer: 10 seconds
Standby time 18 seconds: Work efficiency: 94%
Positive contact protector