COVID-19 UPDATE for Wood Creek Vapory

Wood Creek Vapory Open – Tasting Bars Closed – Curbside Available – Additional Safety Details

We want to let our friends and neighbors know we are still open, serving the best we can in these challenging times.  There are a few things we wanted to make everyone aware of when visiting either store during this time.

  • It is best for everyone  we close the tasting bars completely for sampling.  We know this will impact our new customers trying to quit the most but feel the extra precaution is called for at this time.
  • Curbside service available – When you pull up just call the store, let us know you’re outside and what it is you want to order.  We will come to you, collect your payment method, process the order, bring change if applicable, and the product to you.
  • You will no longer need to touch the screen when checking out.  When using a debit or credit card you will not have to sign.  Our team will enter any information for you (number, email) that may be necessary.
  • We are evaluating how to safely allow customers to handle display mods, tanks, etc. people are considering purchasing.  At this time, we are putting a hold on doing so because;
  • We will be wearing gloves (while supplies hold), we cannot outfit every shopper with gloves each time they want to handle a device(s). 
    • Our team will be able to give you a “tour” of the device but having you actually handle the items is not going to be allowed.
  • We have added extra layers of cleaning to include:
  • Sanitizing the checkout areas after each purchase.
    • Cleaning the door handles inside and outside between each customer “wave” whether that is one customer or a few that arrive at the same time.
    • We continue our tradition of keeping all display cases and tables clean throughout the day.  If a customer may have touched an area it will be cleaned.
  • We are limiting the number of items that can be purchased on the hardest to find products.
  • Several coils and other items have become increasingly difficult to locate at any price.  Some items will be limited in quantity sold to each person to help ensure more customers can have the items they want/need.

We know these are very challenging times for all our friends and neighbors, as well as our teammates.  As long as we are allowed, we will keep the stores open to serve you.  We’re confident our longtime friends and neighbors will understand some of the changes above.

Our priority in business has been to help people live healthier lives.  This priority is still our main focus. 

Keep doing the basics we all know regarding defending against viruses, we’ll keep doing all we can to help ensure we get through this trying time safely.

Warmest regards,

Team Wood Creek – Shirley, Kris, Josh, Joe, David, Robert