NEW PRICE PER SIZE for eLiquids – Why?

New Price per Size

Starting Monday, April 5th Wood Creek Vapory is moving to a cost per size for all eLiquids we carry. This is in response to growing challenges throughout the supply chain occurring right now.

It is our hope to minimize price increases as a result of the Dec. 2020 changes the COVID Bill Created in shipping vape related products globally and within the U.S. under the U.S. PACT Act!  TX Sen. Cornyn and CA Sen. Feinstein placed their legislation on page 5,165 of the COVID relief bill, knowing it would be passed and signed. By adopting single pricing  per size, pricing will have to be changed and/or increased less often due to the impact on the industry’s manufacturing and shipping of all vaping products, including eLiquids.   For the remainder of the year, we simply do not know who will survive in the wholesale market and who will be forced to exit the vaping industry.

As both shipping and government compliance costs continue to increase, due to laws negatively impacting the vaping community, we can all expect higher prices.  This is the fundamental fact, when government increases the cost of doing business, business has to adjust pricing or look at closing.  We are not ready to close so we are adjusting pricing in a manner that should help our friends and neighbors budget their vaping supplies more easily.

Some makers have already exited the industry, keeping us busy finding suppliers and the quality products we all deserve.  Others are discovering their new shipping restrictions as DHL, FEDEX and UPS actively halt shipping globally, as well as here in the U.S. 

The USPS still is unsure its final rules, as the public comment period is on-going for a short time.  Once finalized, the USPS proposed rules will also make U.S. shipping a challenge for small manufacturers.  (Big Tobacco has been under the PACT Act for a long time and have the resources and systems in place.  The small vaping community has never had to deal with this level of accounting and reporting, it is awfully expensive and requires a dedicated legal team.)

We hope this approach to eLiquid pricing will minimize the effects of market changes driven by new regulatory requirements are bringing us all.  We continue to work toward helping all our friends and neighbors live smoke-free.  Thank you for reviewing this information and we look forward to serving you while also addressing any of your concerns! 

(Keep in mind, in Texas we are facing 10 new bills against the industry, including 3 Flavor Ban bills.  Team WCV is working with our trade association to lobby against these efforts to further restrict vaping products in Texas.)