Second FLAVOR BAN Texas Senate Bill Introduced + End of US Mailing of Vaping Products

Ban Vaping Keep Smoking

Sen. Carol Alvarado has introduced the second Texas Senate bill calling for a complete flavor ban (SB-836), joining a similar bill submitted at the end of Jan. by Sen. Cesar Blanco (SB-440). These two bills join 5 Texas bills submitted so far that call for increase sales taxes, fees, fines, and more for the vaping community.

They refuse to accept the liberty of their citizens to choose a far less harmful, healthier alternative to cigarettes. Texas legislators have spent nearly a decade attacking this community for trying to live smoke-free and each session there are increasing calls for more payment to the government and less freedom on what we will even be allowed to pay higher taxes for.

All this is going on while today, March 1st, marks the official FEDEX end to shipping anything vape related (UPS will join in April 12th at the latest) and USPS is trying to create regulations against any vaping items mailed. This is thanks to Sen. Feinstein’s use of the December COVID mega bill, where she slid her anti-mail legislation into page 5,136 of a bill she knew all would sign off on. Are you happy with our government’s all-out assault to finally end small vaping companies and stores?

We need voices, signatures, letters, and calls to people in office that may be able to help our small community of vapers to survive. They want products removed, no shipping of anything to anyone, and at the same time want to ban all flavors but tobacco while taxing, adding fees, and penalties for anything that may be left at the state level once the federal ban on shipping is finalized by the USPS later this month.

All of this legislative effort to finally kill off a small industry they hate due to the success many of us have had regaining our health after too many years sucking on cigarettes. That is our main offense, vaping works better than anything the FDA has approved (while the FDA refuses the medical science and keeps us in a disapproved status). As we got healthier and quit needing so many prescription drugs Big Pharma joined in the hatred with Big Tobacco and all the political class who’ve grown to rely on the annual Master Settlement Agreement payments from higher rates of smoking. You see, clearly now, how the government views our liberty to choose a healthier life through vaping as a very bad thing. Healthy citizens are bad customers for them.

Are you ready to help? Are you convinced by this year’s all-out assault at the federal, state, and local levels our political and bureaucratic systems do not support your liberty but rather they choose the winners who pay them best through lobbyists and PACs?

We need your voices, your actions, and your support before the last mom & pop vape shop in the United States finally is forced to close. We are closer to that point today than ever before. Are you ready?

Click on the state of Texas for links to the 7 bills so far, including the two flavor ban bills mentioned in my commentary above.  We need your active involvement now!!

(Link is to the USPS proposals for stopping delivery of vaping products as a direct result of the Feinstein bill slid into the COVID relief bill in December – this is real people, and our stores are about to truly have a major challenge just getting you items. Not because of any other reason but OUR government at ALL levels choosing the vaping community, and those of us living in it, as losers to their winners in Big Tobacco and Big Pharma! This is not fiction, overstated or simply a small inconvenience. This is OUR government coordinating to destroy all small competition, small businesses who are not even a blip on their dollar wasting radar but are unfavored by the lobbyists and bureaucrats and non-profits they favor enough to wipe us out. It’s taken over a decade but now we are about to be crushed. Are you ready to help?)