Mechanical Mods at Wood Creek Vapory

Yes, finally we are going to be launching mechanical mods VERY soon.  Friends and neighbors of Wood Creek Vapory have been asking when we’re getting mechanical mods.  These devices are popular for dripping low nicotine eJuice, producing incredible flavors and clouds of vapor.  For many it’s the flavor and for others it is the natural

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X6 Lava Tube back in stock

        X6 Lava Tube 1300mAh Adjustable Voltage Vaping Battery This durable, adjustable voltage battery has been popular, especially for those who work hard and carry their personal vaporizer with them to work. Good news for all those that have been waiting – it is back in stock!! Many hard working neighbors, from

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Wood Creek Vapory video of preparations for opening

Wood Creek Vapory video showing the preparations for finally getting open

We hope everyone enjoys this short video tracking our journey from finding the right space and developing to a point we could open the doors.  We hope more of you have  a chance to come on down and try our flavors and mods, enjoy some vaping with nice folks, and overall just get to know us.


Store Build-Out Just a Week Ago

It’s just a week ago today, Monday the 20th, our store was still in the midst of development.  Our goal was to create a comfortable environment folks could relax, try, and vape their PVs.  We thank the many of you who have come by since we opened the doors last Wednesday.  We are looking at

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Insights into Vaping Starter Kits

Four Commonly Found Items In Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits When you need to smoke and can’t, what do you do? Do you suffer through it, jonesing for a cigarette, counting down the time until you can finally get a cigarette into your mouth? With electronic cigarettes, there’s no need to wait to satisfy that cigarette

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