Vaping 101

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New Amsterdam Vape* has produced a series of tutorials covering all aspects of vaping, from from trying your first cig-alike, to more more advanced vaping devices.

All of the videos are informative especially the videos about Ohm’s Law, Battery Safety, and Cleaning Your Vape Gear.

To produce vapor a coil must be heated to evaporate the e-liquid delivered by the wick. The voltage and amperage of your battery work with the resistance of your coil to produce the wattage needed to heat the coil. It is important to be at least somewhat familiar with Ohm’s Law so that you don’t ask more of your vape gear than it can deliver. The video on Ohm’s Law provides an excellent overview of Ohm’s Law and its importance in vaping.

Battery safety is an important topic for all vapers, especially those using external batteries like the popular 18650 batteries. Vape batteries, when properly cared for are safe. The video on Battery Safety is is aimed at mech-mods where Ohm’s Law and battery safety are very important, but battery safety cannot be ignored by any vaper.

Cleaning your vape gear doesn’t take long and should be performed regularly. After all, you are putting the device to you mouth and inhaling the vapor. Cleaning your vape gear helps ensure the safe flavorful vape you seek.

Scroll through each of the below videos, you’re sure to find some interesting insights into vaping.  Far superior in many ways to cigarettes, vaping is filled with new terms and the better we understand anything the more successful we are in applying it.  Let us know if you have any questions or feedback on Vaping 101.


Vaping 101 for Beginners : What is Vaping?

Vaping 101 for Beginners : Vaping Terminology

Vaping Progression : Vape Gear Beginner to Advanced

Ohm’s Law Tutorial : Vape Safety

Battery Safety for Mechanical Mods

Vaping 101 : Cleaning Your Vape Gear

*The opinions regarding vaping as a a smoking cessation product are those of New Amsterdam Vape. WoodCreek Vapory has no opinion and makes no claims regarding vaping as a smoking cessation method.