Supplements to balance our Endogenous systems – Introducing PSI

PSI Supplement Ingredients

We are happy to launch our supplement lineup with PSI – Natural CBD Relief, Receptor Max, Elixinol, Isodiol, and Hemplucid products.  Each location carries these brands and can give details on each one’s uses, which make sense for your needs, and how the overall focus on our Endocannabinoid System’s balance is key to homeostasis living.

Below are links to a couple of videos, details on why we are moving so deeply into supplements to compliment the vaping, and more.

First in our Let’s Talk series now playing on YouTube!

Wood Creek Vapory is proud to announce the launch of our new Supplement Station inside each location, featuring quality, wholesome supplements.

Why Supplements?

Our vaping community friends and neighbors, choosing to vape instead of smoke, know what it is like to be sick and regain health by choosing a smarter way to live.  Vaping has impacted smoking and smoking related disease unlike anything else prior to it.  Breathing better and enjoying an active life again, vapers seek other ways to naturally improve health.  We opened Wood Creek Vapory due to our personal journey toward a smoke-free life.  Vaping has been our single rail in helping others discover the benefits quitting smoking through vaping may offer.

As we strive toward quality living using nature’s own remedies, combined with modern technology and new discoveries in old remedies, we’re excited by what we’re learning and experiencing.  Did you know our body’s systems need to have natural balance more than formulated medications to combat pain and health problems we’re facing in growing numbers?  Our modern focus on lab created synthetics and processed foods effects our systems like a fiber optic Internet connection is effected by splicing in a dial up access point.

Our human system performs best through natural plants and wholesome, clean supplements.  Just like technology took vaping from a concept to reality, technology is showing why nature really does have the answers we’re looking for in improving our overall quality of life, giving us the desire to pursue our happiness in healthy liberty.  Without dangerous side effects and mounting medical costs, wholesome supplements provide potential to shake the prescription drug industry to it’s preverbial rafters.

These are exciting times when it comes to discoveries in nature rather than synthesized drugs.  While we are facing growing challenges in society through disease and perscription drug use and abuse supplements have been quietly embracing the old, natural approaches to balancing our systems.  We’re encouraged by living better through proper diet, exercise, and focus on wholesome, clean quality.

Cannabinoids Infographic

For nearly 18 months Wood Creek Vapory has been studying supplements and finding their virtues as well as their fit into our mission; to help people evolve from smoking to vaping and beyond.  Just like vaping and harm reduction offerings the world of supplements offers some bad or worthless along with the good.  We launch our Supplement Station with the introduction of products we’ve successfully researched, tested, and used in our diets with excellent results.  We commit to continuing our efforts to educate, locate, and offer the best in vaping and supplements moving forward.

Why start with Hemp oil and CBD focused formulas?

There are two main reasons we’ve begun with industrial Hemp based CBD offerings from three partners (two currently being sold and one new partner we’re excited to introduce to everyone).

First, many know Gary has suffered for decades with a bad and, eventually, rebuilt back.  Vaping helped him breath better but the pain management was still a problem.  He will share his personal story in more detail later but anyone visiting the stores and seeing him run around knows something is drastically different, and it’s for the better.   Second, we learned what ancient societies throughout history think of hemp?  Here’s a quick graphic to explain:

Hemp CBD Supplements

How can CBD Hemp supplements be so effective for so many?

One thing modern science and technology has given us is the answer to why so many civilizations throughout history have praised the hemp plant’s ability to provide so many benefits.  In 1992 there was a major discovery that humans create cannabinoids as a part of an internal, natural endocannabinoid system (ECS).  Not only was the ECS found in humans but also in other vertebrate mammals.  Prior to the scary times of Refer Madness in the U.S. industrial hemp products were plentiful and many had a balanced system without even thinking about it.  After the misclassification industrial hemp was fundamentally lost in the U.S. until the ECS discovery.

Since then there has been renewed focus on why hemp and CBD is helpful.  Hemp based CBD products are now legal in all 50 states and our federal government has moved to separate industrial hemp from it’s cousin, commonly known as marijuana.  Below the ECS chart is a similar chart for dogs.  Cats, rabbits, and other animals also naturally produce cannabinoids and have endocannabinoid systems.

Effects of CBD on our ECS

CBD effects for dogs

What Hemp CBD supplements are not.

As important as understanding our natural systems, the positive impacts of hemp CBD, hemp seeds, and more it is equally important to know what we are not offering during the launch of our Supplements Station.  Just as we face in our vaping community, there are many misconception and education required.  We will be working to overcome the same types of misinformation and opposition from our current nemesis, big pharma.  Just as vaping has been a major, positive disrupter to smoking and its effects, we believe wholesome clean supplements will disrupt the pain management industry, among others.  Here is a quick look at what we are not offering yet are continually studying.

What hemp cbd supplements are not

What can we expect from using Hemp supplements?

Supplements just a small part of hemp story

This is a very good question each of us must answer.  Since we are naturally human we are different.  While Gary’s results have been nothing short of amazing others will have different findings.  Anyone considering supplements for health related reasons or to replace pain or other medications should always seek professional, medical advice.  Though we are now passionate, lifelong students of supplements and their potential, we are not qualified to provide personalized medical guidance.

Thanks to our manufacturer recommendations and industry guidance we can help you figure out where to start, less always being more wise.  Our early education will focus on learning to find the right balance for our personal needs.  Whether facing challenging pain, anxiety, or simply the weight of improper diet, exercise, and overuse of prescriptions hemp supplements may offer some or total relief.  These are not cure all products and their are other vital systems that also need to be balanced through different avenues.  Wood Creek Vapory is committed to exploring all avenues as we offer new lines and current findings.

PSI Natural CBD ReliefPSI Supplement Ingredients

How can we learn more?

We’ve only begun to launch our supplements section so bookmark this page, subscribe, and come visit Wood Creek Vapory often.  Sharing links and feeds from other organizations will also be incorporated into the website soon.  Watch this page for exciting news and details about our launch and future growth plans in the world of supplements designed to improve our lives.


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