DIY eLiquids Made Simple

DIY eLiquid Supplies

Making our own DIY eLiquids has long been an interest both in terms of creating unique flavors and helping save costs over premium eLiquids.  This do it yourself (DIY) approach has been a challenge for many due to the hazards of handling concentrated nicotine while also attempting to get the base mix of a good

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7 Affordable Sub-Ohm Kits

Start living a healthier life

Sub-ohm kits are quickly replacing the older style vape pens that replaced the inefficient, and often unreliable and badly tasting e-cigarettes or cig-a-likes.  The sub-ohm kits are a step forward into the 4th generation of vaping devices helping smokers quit cigarettes by offering even more efficient and safer delivery.  The new devices are known as

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Insights into Vaping Starter Kits

Four Commonly Found Items In Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits When you need to smoke and can’t, what do you do? Do you suffer through it, jonesing for a cigarette, counting down the time until you can finally get a cigarette into your mouth? With electronic cigarettes, there’s no need to wait to satisfy that cigarette

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