How Do I Choose a Good Vaporizer?

One of the advantages of coming in to visit us at our store is the opportunity to try a variety of vaporizers. For automatics it is usually a matter of finding a taste, size, and design appealing to you. We use a variety of vaporizers depending on where we are. Carrying a one-time use automatic in the car can help eliminate ashtrays and odor while still providing a nice vaping experience while driving. On the go at work? You may want to test vape a simple, auto-adjusting vape tube. Paired with a nice, sub-ohm tank will have you enjoying lower strength (or zero) nicotine level filled with flavor. Sitting at home and want to use a dripper to obtain full bouquet with each vape will bring other quality options into the conversation.

No matter why you are selecting the device we offer the patience and knowledge to listen, guide, allow you to try, and give you room to decide. From our eLiquid tasting bar to our building supplies for the hobbyists, Wood Creek Vapory was founded with passion. We are a veteran family owned retail boutique focused on being your one stop shop for vaping needs and wants. We provide education on vaping, support in advocacy efforts to not over regulate (as the FDA is currently attempting to do), and a focus on helping people move off of smoking and, if they choose, off of vaping. Many enjoy a no nicotine vape with friends so much they do keep vaping as a hobby. Yet, at zero nicotine, science proves it is nearly 100% safer than smoking…think about that.

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