How Do I Smoke with a Vaporizer?

Don’t take a drag! Many, including us, thought you ‘smoked’ with a vaporizer like we do with a cigarette. After all, the first one most of us try look kind of like a cigarette. However, taking a straight drag from a vaporizer takes the liquid vapor straight to the lungs and can cause coughing and even a sore throat. If you have done this and thought there is no way you can vape let me change your impression with a single word ~ PUFF Think of how you smoke a cigar or pipe. Draw slowly, over a 3 to 4 second draw, into your mouth and let the liquid rest for a moment then decide if you want to inhale further or blow vapor rings or whatever. You will get a good ‘throat hit’ (like we get when smoking a good cigarette), the nicotine will disperse properly, and you will enjoy the experience much more. Though the vapor is not hot, it is a liquid rather than a smoke so sending it directly to the lungs is a challenge for most. Also, when we smoke nicotine (along with all the other bad things in cigarettes) starts to reach our system within 6 or 7 seconds; it takes roughly 30 seconds using vapor so expect the delay if you are vaping to calm a desire for nicotine, but it will arrive.

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