More About the eLiquid or Oil

Start Living a Healthier Life With Vaping!eLiquid, as the oil is often referred, is a very simple mixture of three or four ingredients. Most oils use polypropylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), pharmaceutical grade nicotine (unless it is a 0 Nicotine oil), and flavoring. All of these ingredients, except the nicotine, are commonly found in many products we consume daily and are considered safe by the FDA. There are some who produce oils with only PG and others only VG for those with a slight allergic reaction to PG. The most common VG is kosher. Most pre-filled cartridges used in automatic e-cigs also have distilled water. There are oils that also ‘cut’ with water. Others, commonly made oversees, do not use FDA approved, pharmacy grade nicotine. The oils we carry will not have water and only the best quality ingredients including nicotine unless you are vaping a zero nicotine eLiquid.

Many like to download our current flavor menu, we have one of the largest quality menus available to choose from. Come in with a list of flavors you would like to try and we’ll be happy to serve you at one of our relaxing tasting bars. Bring a smile, flavor town is our next stop…

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