Are These Really Safe to Use?

The Royal College of Physicians, providing scientific and medical research since the 17th Century, is the most recent, respected organization to publish a very extensive study; Nicotine Without Smoke, Tobacco Harm Reduction. The findings are fully supporting vaping instead of smoking, found to be at least 95% safer with no harm to bystanders. This is the same organization that correctly warned of cigarette’s dangers in the late 1950s. Millions of lives can be saved if smokers understand the value of vaping instead of completely or to significantly reduce the amount of combustible or chew tobacco being used. Research is showing that due to the fact nothing is burned they are safe to use while also being healthier than tobacco. Smoking related disease and death are linked to the many things NOT found in electronic vaporizers. Vapor contains no tar, no carbon monoxide, no particulates, and none of the thousands of chemicals that are created by combustion. Nicotine does not cause lung disease, heart disease, or cancer. Vaporizers using quality oils have been used world-wide since 2004 with NO reports of any serious, adverse effects. There’s many studies, despite the tales being told there is not enough research. Here are two links to get you started but don’t stop there – many more are proving the good, as well as the cautionary, and it’s best to keep up on the science.

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