Welcome to Wood Creek Vapory!

Serving our community for over 9 years has been a great experience as we’ve seen so many go from the challenges of smoking to living smoke free!  It’s been inspiring and we truly appreciate those who choose to shop with us.

Now we welcome the addition of the second location for San Antonio’s premier vinyl record store, Batcave Vinyl! Blaine is the owner of Batcave Vinyl and is setting up this second location in style. Come see what all the excitement is about and grow your music collection today!

Partner of the Week (11/27 – 12/2): Mr. Custard!

Health & Wellness is our family’s focus!

Store Hours: Mon – Sat 11 am to 7 pm

Store – 1420 Schertz Pkwy, #260 Schertz, TX 78154 – 210.562.3038

 Your One-Stop Vape Shop – Beginners to Advanced

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Featuring Flavorful E Liquids from around the United States

Wood Creek Vapory offers the vaping community, around San Antonio, TX, a vaping experience dedicated to you – smooth & easy.

Wood Creek Vapory was born from a desire to rid ourselves of the mess of smoking while enjoying a smooth ‘smoking like’ experience and finding no place to really help make that concept a reality. We want to share easily what we have discovered the hard way, vaping is a nice alternative to smoking.  We strive to provide a smooth vaping experience while making e-cigs easy to understand, enjoy, and afford!

It is much easier to enjoy an activity when you learn about the ins and outs of an activity. We will help you learn about vaping so you can fully enjoy vaping with friends.  We want you to be comfortable and confident about what you are buying.  Our eLiquid menu will give you an up-to-date look at our lines of premium liquids complete with a description of the flavor profile.  Simply mark what sounds good and bring it with you on your next visit.  We have coffee and water to enjoy while wandering through your menu choices at our tasting bar.  One stop vape convenience awaits!

eLiquids in our stores include SVRF, Coastal Clouds, CLAPBACK, Beard, Halo, NicQuid, Candy King, The ONE, Cloud Nurdz, and more

Download our menu and bring it with you today


Sometimes things just break – when it is your tank glass call us, we will likely have the one you need!


26 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I have been vaping now since 2013 I am currently using all kanger tech products such as the KBOX MINI 75 and the KBOX200
    Both are great regardless of what you choose. Wood Creek has literally changed the way I vape . I used to go to a differant store, “thanks for……” Buying our marked up products . But you can call it by its name if you want.
    Jeremy Kris and joe at the Kirby location have taught me allot and are very knowledgeable about vaping. The company takes pride in there ejuices and each flavir has to go through employee testing. If it doesnt meet there denands in flavor and quality its not sold. I have tried so many differant brands and flavors of oils. From zero nic in u to 12 mg and wood creek vapory simply is a the best in the flavor category. I cant simply tell you how great they are you just must simply have to go to there stores and go see for yourself. You probably like me wont ever go back to that other store you went to previously. I can honestly say that because I live in floresville and would drive all the way into satx just for my vape products. I also used a website called ss vape but I no longer use them as they have screwed up several of my orders and supplyed me with batteryS that were unsafe to use in my vape.
    Thanks to wood creek I have found it easier and more pleasurable to break the cigarette and push the clouds of flavorful vapor out.
    Keep it up wood creek yall are awesome!

  2. I had very nice experience meeting the owners at the Schertz store. Am fairly new to vaping and
    was looking for a certain flavor. The absolutely hospitable folks invited me to sit and offered
    tastes of many different varieties of what I was looking for. it is so refreshing to experience
    that level of customer service these days. It was quite obvious they enjoy what they do. And it
    is Greatly appreciated. Add a new devoted customer to your list !!

  3. So happy i chose to vape! Was a Newport Menthol smoker. Gary suggested Kringles Curse liquid. And i was sold! Havnt touched a “stinky” in over a month! Now trying different flavors, starting slow with Wintery Mint, but want to try sweet flavors next. Gary is a great help and helped me understand every question i threw at him about vaping. Such a sweet man! Thank you! 🙂

  4. I just want to say that I love going to this place it’s nice and calming.. I feel like am welcome here. I been to some places. And it’s dark and no one welcome me there. But at ur place I feel just like walking in to my house so comfortable. And I thank y’all for all the help.. all the time.

  5. had a great experience at your converse location. the staff really knew a lot. im new to vaping. trying to quite cigarettes. is a menthol smoker and was looking for a eliquid that resembled that. employee recommended sub zero from the halo line, and i was hooked. thanks again

  6. Thank you Gregory, glad everything is going well. Keep us up-to-date and we’ll be here to cheer you on toward success.

  7. There’s many variables yet typically coils in a T3S will last between 20 & 30 mls of eLiquid or about 5 to 7 days. I hope that helps and thank you for the question.

  8. I love going to Wood Creek Vapory in Converse. I always get great service and everyone there is so very helpful with any questions that I might have. I especially want to thank Kris for all her help. From picking out new box mods to new flavors of eLiquids she is the best. Everyone is so knowledgable about all of their products. That is why I choose to drive all the way from Floresville to Converse for all my vaping needs. It is so worth it because I am never disappointed.

  9. We sure appreciate your passion and willingness to travel. Kris is a great part of why we are known for customer care. We will continue to strive to meet your needs and look forward to seeing you again soon.

  10. I use to be on kangertech products and didn’t like it so I recently went to wood creek and they helped me out now I’m on smok alien and it’s better then ever I love the puff and everything else, wood creek is the best place to go.

  11. Joe was great and taught me a little bit more about vaping that I didn’t know. Customer for ever.

  12. I love this place! They are very nice and helpful. I can’t go to anyone else but them. Magnificent service excellent prices!

  13. Hi Courtney, we always try to keep a wide variety of mods from small, internal battery devices to larger, external devices. It is easier if you will visit the store at 1420 Schertz Pkwy to see the wide selection you will have. Thank you very much for contacting us through the comment form on the website. We look forward to serving you soon.

  14. I want to thank Josh for being so kind & gracious. He went out of his way to make me a satisfied customer. And he was not obligated to do so.
    Blessings to you. And I’m sorry for my impatient attitude.

  15. Hello, J!

    We’re happy we could help you out! Everyone has off days, and we understand. We’ll make sure to give Josh a big pat on the back!

    Thank you for taking the time to reach out – Robert

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