7 Affordable Sub-Ohm Kits

Start living a healthier life

Sub-ohm kits are quickly replacing the older style vape pens that replaced the inefficient, and often unreliable and badly tasting e-cigarettes or cig-a-likes.  The sub-ohm kits are a step forward into the 4th generation of vaping devices helping smokers quit cigarettes by offering even more efficient and safer delivery.  The new devices are known as

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Lavabox DNA 200 Now Available

Lavabox DNA 200

Introducing the Lavabox DNA 200, a high performance box mod equipped with the powerful DNA 200 microchip. Featuring temperature control, 200 watts max output, internal lithium polymer battery, upgradeable firmware, cell-by-cell monitoring and integrated 1A balance charger.  Now featuring EVOLV DNA 200 technology.  Powerful features such as temperature control with the ability to program any

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