How are CBD and Hemp Seed products different besides price?

Hemp seed oil and Cannabidiol (CBD) oils are exploding onto the consumer stage as the Hemp Farm Act of 2018 is about to reestablish industrial hemp as a commodity crop. We’re about to see a lot of money invested in marketing many supplements and topicals, urging us to buy products known for many benefits. Prices are significantly different so how are these products different in use and effect?

Shelves have been stocked with hemp seeds and many by-products for a long time. We’re used to seeing them, adding them to salads, protein shakes and more. CBD oils are now gaining light as CBD is scientifically being tied to helping our endogenous systems deal with daily stress, inflammation, and pain very effectively.

World markets are over a decade ahead of the United States, once dominate in industrial hemp production and manufacturing. We are about to have access to some great products, everything revolves around improving health naturally. Discovered in 1992, we all have a vital, endogenous system called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). PCR Hemp contains the complimentary phytonutrients we need.

This is a brief introduction about the differences in oils. PCR Hemp, CBD, and Hemp seed contain beneficial nutrients. We will likely choose products from all three categories.

PCR Hemp contains all the cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, CBG, etc.) and other nutrients from the flower. PRC is an acronym for Phyto-cannabinoid rich (PCR). Full spectrum and broad spectrum are two main categories. Broad spectrum is THC free while full spectrum contains trace levels of THC, natural to the industrial hemp flower. Prices range but are higher than hemp seed and comparable to CBD isolate.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the most commonly known cannabinoid found in the hemp flower. CBD is a known anti-inflammatory with a growing list of beneficial uses within our ECS. Isolating CBD, down to a crystal form, is very common for the quick relief from stress, pain, and inflammation we experience. Prices for CBD isolate products are significantly higher than hemp seed products. Isolate CBD should not be confused with being a full or broad-spectrum oil.

Hemp Seeds are nutritious seeds of the industrial hemp plant. These provide a wonderful array of nutrients beneficial for improving our health. Lacking are cannabinoids, CBD and over 100 other phytocannabinoids. Prices are much lower for hemp seed products. Hemp seed oil is also a favorite carrier for CBD and PRC Hemp products, providing benefits of both in a single product.

Oil from hemp flowers have an entourage effect that ignites and fuels our ECS. Isolate products are more effective for immediate relief while full spectrum, or Phytocannabinoid Rich (PCR) hemp oils offer long-term supplemental health benefits.

Science is combining with producers bringing us many ways we can take advantage of hemp’s beneficial entourage effect. There are additional spectrums and isolates being introduced, for all our benefit.

Using quality hemp products improves our natural ability to withstand many of the health challenges we face daily. It is not a miracle yet is having amazing results for many of us.

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