Why is healthier living easier using hemp?

Why healthy living is easier using hemp

Living healthier brings rewards when it comes to how we feel each day.  Billions are spent each year on products designed to help us supplement our diets, improving our health through nutrition.  We spend billions more on skin and personal care products promising relief and improvement in challenges we face simply by living.  Even more on synthetic pain relievers.

We are seeing extensive advertising dollars focused on telling us about the virtues of adding industrial hemp products, specifically CBD and full spectrum oils from the hemp flower.  Unsure of the differences?  Read: How are CBD and Hemp Seed products different besides price?

Historically the U.S. was a leading producer of industrial hemp products.  It was a natural part of life, with the versatile plant being used in many of the same ways it has for thousands of years.  Then came the government shutdown in the 1930s.  Hemp was trapped in the race to rid our society of a cousin, marihuana.  After nearly eradicating hemp from our diets we became more susceptible to swelling, stress, and other painful conditions.  Could there be a connection?

Yes, there’s a very strong connection!  In 1992 our natural Endocannabinoid System (ECS) was discovered and studied extensively each year since.  This newly identified, endogenous 12th system is not just found in humans, it is in all vertebrate. 

It is the key communication hub (think lightning fast Internet) between the other 11 known endogenous systems. Balancing our ECS by simply adding quality Phytocannabinoid Rich (PCR) hemp is having incredible results.  For most of us it has been decades since our ECS has functioned properly.  When taken regularly your ECS functions properly, all systems benefit in remarkable ways.

Hemp is not a miracle product or cure all.  Because the flower and seeds deliver over 500 nutrients our bodies cannot produce enough of, yet require, incredible results are occurring through daily use.  Key cannabinoids (you may have heard of CBD by now, the big one among over 100) that ignite our ECS and unlocking the release of necessary nutrients between cells. 

Sustained use leads to reducing inflammation, relieving stress, and providing pain relief daily. Balancing our systems is referred to as homeostasis.  Hemp makes reaching a balance easier, naturally. 

We are just beginning to scientifically understand the ECS, but it’s been understood for centuries hemp is key for human health and wellness.

By choosing the right products we can relieve pain and stress.  Supplementing our daily diets with full or broad-spectrum oils from the hemp flower will help reduce inflammation while also continuing the relief of pains and stress.  When we are healthier life is better and we are less reliant on synthetics.

Seeds are rich in nutrients (never burp fish oil again, seeds have excellent Omega 3s), while the flower is rich in cannabinoids.  Industrial hemp is not our only ECS friendly plant found in nature. It is the only one that mirrors our bodies production, key in why it has been used for centuries to help heal the human body. 

Healthier living is easier simply by using quality hemp products in place of many other products you may be using that are not rich in cannabinoids. Why? Hemp is nature’s mirror for what our bodies produce and need for handling many of life’s pains, stress, and inflammation. Hemp and humans are meant to work together, that is why healthier living is easier using hemp.