New Flavors – New Brands – See our Menu

New Items

 The FUN and TASTY news! 

Josh, Kris, and Shirley have been hard at it, seeking out, trying, and buying some of the best available.  Here’s a quick look but go to our menu for all the details!!

– NicQuid – Creators of Sinthol are still making new flavors.  Check out Sweet Leaf and Tobacucino!

3 New Brands

Cloud Nurdz – I call this fruits gone wild – see the menu, you’ll see why BUT are the wild flavors tasty?  You bet!!

Humble Juice Co. – Been at the store a month or so but you may have missed their Blue Raspberry & Blue Raspberry Menthol – mighty good!

Micro Brew Vapor’s – After searching literally years, an excellent butterscotch caramel corn has finally been found! 

Get the details: