DIY eLiquids Made Simple

DIY eLiquid Supplies

Making our own DIY eLiquids has long been an interest both in terms of creating unique flavors and helping save costs over premium eLiquids.  This do it yourself (DIY) approach has been a challenge for many due to the hazards of handling concentrated nicotine while also attempting to get the base mix of a good

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Element eLiquids

Element eLiquid

We are excited to announce the arrival of four of the best flavors from Element eLiquids.  These flavors capture the true tastes of what they are formulated to be.  When they advertise ‘scientifically delicious’ we understand why.  True flavors, as all vapers know, are tough to capture.  Their Freshly Squeezed, Pink Lemonade, Key Lime Cookie,

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5 Top Vaping Myths Exposed

Choice between vaping and smoking

5 Top Vaping Myths Exposed   There are many vaping myths being bantered about and it is true, this could have easily been called the 10 top or 20 top vaping myths but tackling these 5 will help people understand vaping better.  Better understanding will help people decide if they are supportive of vape friendly

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Thank you Wood Creek Vendors

Vendors helped make our first year enjoyable.  As we enjoyed celebrating our 1 Year Anniversary we also enjoyed sharing the generous goodies our vendors donated.  Our friends and neighbors had a good time sharing what each other received in their bag of fun from our vendors.  We are happy to represent some of the best

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Store Build-Out Just a Week Ago

It’s just a week ago today, Monday the 20th, our store was still in the midst of development.  Our goal was to create a comfortable environment folks could relax, try, and vape their PVs.  We thank the many of you who have come by since we opened the doors last Wednesday.  We are looking at

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Insights into Vaping Starter Kits

Four Commonly Found Items In Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits When you need to smoke and can’t, what do you do? Do you suffer through it, jonesing for a cigarette, counting down the time until you can finally get a cigarette into your mouth? With electronic cigarettes, there’s no need to wait to satisfy that cigarette

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