Vaping and nicotine are beneficial

Vaping and nicotine are beneficial

Vaping and nicotine are beneficial, invest four minutes to consider how. By doing so you could be a part of those dedicated to helping support quality public health. Do you enjoy living healthy? Ambient air is something we deeply rely on. Exhaled vapor is no more toxic, in test after test, than ambient air; fact check it. Nicotine, unchained from burning tobacco cigarettes, is having amazing results in treating symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and more.

Four minutes from now consider researching, sharing, and helping us all gain access to a safer alternative to smoking. Watch the video. Please share and comment.

It is very important people do not fall into a ‘flat earth’ mentality when it comes to discussing nicotine and vaping. Galileo was imprisoned for being a heretic as he dared to challenge the common belief of his day, the earth was round rather than flat. This so upset those who held power and belief in a flat earth philosophy Galileo was seen as threat and spent the rest of his life under house arrest. Was he wrong? Was the earth the center of the universe and flat? No, it was proven he was right but not before he passed away a heretic for daring to say what he knew to be true. We know nicotine can be dangerous and we also know it can be beneficial.

Vaping and nicotine are beneficial. Do you dare to believe it is beneficial at the risk of being told you are committing a vast error in judgement? Those in the vaping community are learning first-hand the benefits. We are aware of both the dangers and potential benefits now that nicotine has been unleashed from tobacco’s burning death and destruction. Learn the truth and help those using vaping to improve their health.

We need more educated voices willing to stand up to the power and money of big tobacco and big government. Our public health is too important to keep slandering vaping, it’s time we embrace the highly probable sides of vaping. It is time we press for our governing bodies to be vape friendly no matter the money big tobacco companies spend to spread the myth of the dangers. Age restrict and allow adults to vape. Lawmakers will not listen without more educated voices.